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Герметичный контейнер с ложементом 650х510х245 мм

Airtight container with lodgment 650х510х245 mm

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Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Volume, liter
Color (standard)

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  • In stock:
  • Warehouse No3 (Stavrovo, Vladimir region)
  • Delivery methods:
  • Pickup from stock
  • by IPLAST transport
  • Scope of application:
  • Product information:
  • The hard-case has an extended length. It is equipped with spinning wheels and rubber covered handle. The lid is removable. Due to special grooves for the extendable handle the actual depth of the container is 135 mm. The container is made for storage and transportation of valuable and fragile equipment. It also perfectly fits for storage and transportation of weapon. Snap-closes prevent from opening a container if it falls. The fasteners are made of stainless steel. There is an automatic pressure regulating valve. The corners are reinforced.

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