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"I-Plast" is the best among Russian companies according to the Alibaba Group

«Ай-Пласт» - лучший среди российских компаний по оценке Alibaba Group 04.08.2018
90 points out of 100 possible - this is the rating of I-Plast, a supplier of large-size polymer packaging, on the international website This is the best indicator among Russian companies registered on this resource. The rating is based on several factors: the speed of response to customers, the amount of goods in the store, the quality of presentation of goods in the store, the completeness of providing information about the company, the fullness of the online store and showcases, the number of views and received requests, the speed of answering requests, the number of commercial offers sent to the trading platform.

Alibaba Group is number one online resource for promoting products in the B2B market. It covers more than 160 million buyers from nearly 200 countries. More than 50 thousand requests are processed here daily.

I-Plast's cooperation with Alibaba began in November last year. In just a few months, I-Plast learned about products in such countries as Morocco, Australia, Peru, and the Republic of South Africa; contracts were signed for the supply of plastic containers to Azerbaijan, and product samples were sent to buyers in Europe and South America. br>
Placing on Alibaba gives the company a number of undeniable advantages: modern Internet technologies allow you to explore the market, get feedbacks from customers from different countries on the quality and price of products, form a customer base. In addition, it is a great tool for enhancing the company's image and promoting its own brands to the market.

Using advanced resources, I-Plast confidently enters the international market, maximally expanding its customer base and offering customers high-quality polymer packing and packaging produced in Russia.


IPLAST doubles the production of containers for household wastes

The main sensation of the month is the start of the second line in IPLAST production site in Azov, Rostov region. In a festive atmosphere the largest injection molding machine (IMM) in Russia Engel Duo 5500 with a clamping force of 5500 tons, manufactured by the largest company in Austria ENGEL is beeing put into operation.

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The most highly-demanded Polybox container of IPLAST has become even better!

The main IPLAST product, collapsible large-size Polybox container, has become lighter and consequently cheaper.

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360 L mobile waste container is a laureate of the competition «The Best Products and Services of Tatarstan 2019»

360 L mobile waste container which was brought into circulation in September 2019 in Nizhnekamsk production site was awarded in the annual competition «The Best Products and Services of Tatarstan 2019».

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