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Establishment of “IPLAST” Ltd. and of a new trademark IPLAST

Образование компании «Ай-Пласт» и новой ТМ iPlast 20.11.2009
In connection with the rampant development of the Plastic Packaging Project and entering other markets Tatlesstroy Ltd. made a decision to demerge the project into a separate company under title IPLAST Ltd. and to transfer to IPLAST Ltd. all assets related to the Plastic Packaging Project. Thus, beginning on January 1st, 2010 all plastic packaging product range earlier known under TM SEDON will be marketed as IPLAST TM. Tatlesstroy Ltd. will focus its activity on the production of wooden packaging, i.e. wooden pallets and containers. Tatlestroy Ltd. will continue developing Wooden Packaging Project, having over 20 years of proper experience «under its belt» J


IPLAST doubles the production of containers for household wastes

The main sensation of the month is the start of the second line in IPLAST production site in Azov, Rostov region. In a festive atmosphere the largest injection molding machine (IMM) in Russia Engel Duo 5500 with a clamping force of 5500 tons, manufactured by the largest company in Austria ENGEL is beeing put into operation.

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The most highly-demanded Polybox container of IPLAST has become even better!

The main IPLAST product, collapsible large-size Polybox container, has become lighter and consequently cheaper.

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360 L mobile waste container is a laureate of the competition «The Best Products and Services of Tatarstan 2019»

360 L mobile waste container which was brought into circulation in September 2019 in Nizhnekamsk production site was awarded in the annual competition «The Best Products and Services of Tatarstan 2019».

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