Workshop for Distributors

Компания iPlast приняла участие во 2-ой Конференции Союза производителей бутилированной воды 09.04.2010
On January 20th – 21st 2010 IPLAST Ltd. held a workshop for its distributors. The meeting was held in Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan), on the location of the companys’ head-office and production sites. The event united representatives of the distribution network from more than 20 Russian and foreign companies. As part of the workshop the regional partners of iPlast were informed about our Strategic Development Plan for 2010-2012, as well as our plans of product diversification and policy of distribution channels development. In an open discussion the members of the workshop gave their feedback regarding different aspects of their activities in the framework of iPlast distribution policy and other issues in their co-operation. IPLAST distributors visited the companys’ plant, where plastic pallets and KLT-boxes are being produced, and they had a chance to witness mechanical completion of the unique line for production of Bubble Guard® PP sheet, an innovative product in Russia. In conclusion, the visitors’ attention was drawn to the new production facility being constructed nearby. The facility should be finished by the middle of 2010. The workshop had an influence on the development of the partnership between IPLAST and its distributors as it gave all its participants an opportunity to share their opinion and get answers to their questions. IPLAST management especially underlined that a development of a strong distribution network is a top priority marketing goal of the company. It has also been decided that workshops of this kind will be held regularly in future.


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