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IPLAST Ltd. began mass production of iBox, the solid polymeric container

Компания iPlast запустила вторую экструзионную линию по производству листа по технологии Diamond 16.05.2011
iBox, an industrial purpose container, is designed for packaging and effective transportation of any goods, parts and components as well as for use in automated warehousing systems. IPLAST Ltd. produces iBox on the molding machine with the clamping force of 3,200 tons under license of Jcoplastic SpA (Italy). Being a peer to the European samples but comparing favorably to them about the price iBox represents a good solution for those companies that strive to optimize processes of transportation, handling and storage of their goods. IPLAST is planning further on to expand its range of large containers with the new products — solid boxes of various sizes for agricultural and industrial purposes, 1200x1000 mm in particular. Regarding all sales questions please visit iPlast website at


I-Plast launched a new 360 L container for municipal solid wastes

A new 360 L waste container was successfully brought into circulation in I-Plast production site in Nizhnekamsk in September 2019.

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I-Plast officially launched the production site in Rostov region

The official opening ceremony of I-Plast large-size plastic packaging production site

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I-Plast launched the production of 770l waste containers

A new four-wheel 770l waste container appeared in the production range of I-Plast waste containers in August 2019.

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