Application of a polymeric container as reusable packing

Ай-Пласт запустил проект многооборотной тары 20.07.2011
IPLAST Ltd together with «SIBUR» company launched a new project: application of a polymeric container as reusable packing. Polymeric container Polybox, which was used earlier by synthetic rubber producers only for export deliveries, since July 2011 has been used also on Russian market as reusable packing for Russian tire plants. The first synthetic rubber deliveries in reusable containers are organized in JSC «Voronezhsintezkauchuk» to the address of JSC «Yaroslavl Tire Plant». The application of reusable plastic boxes is beneficial to the client as it is aimed at harmonization of rubber packing that makes it possible to reduce the number of its types and in future will result to cutting down the reserve stocks of synthetic rubber and the containers on the factory. The economic effect of reusable polymeric containers usage has been already evaluated by synthetic rubber consumers, in particular by «SIBUR – Russian Tires». Now they do not have to solve the questions of packing recycling: all the operations related to containers returning, cleaning and utilization will be undertaken by IPLAST Ltd.


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