SIBUR management visited production site of IPLAST

Руководство ООО «СИБУР» посетило производство «Ай-Пласт» 15.11.2011
Delegation of SIBUR headed by its general director Dmitry Konov visited production facilities of IPLAST Ltd. for the purpose of acquaintance. The guests were taken to survey the plant in operation and evaluate the whole product range of the company. They got to know about advanced developments for petrochemicals, namely about plastic container for rubbers with 900 kilos loading capacity. IPLAST management presented its analyses of SIBUR-IPLAST mutual projects currently in action and outlined the opportunities for further cooperation of the two companies. For the last two years IPLAST has been supplying polymeric containers to «SIBUR Holding» enterprises and the amount of deliveries tends to grow. In the current year our companies have started a mutual project on use of multiway packaging for synthetic rubbers. «SIBUR» delegation highly estimated the status of development of iPlast production and quality level of the products being produced.


“I-Plast” has launched the production of new bread box

In 2021 I-Plast has launched the production of several new crates for the food and processing industries at once.

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I-Plast widens the product range of food crates.

-Plast widens the product range of food crates.

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IPLAST Ltd. gave a start to the production of pallets for SIBUR

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