IPLAST put into operation a unique molding machine Springfield 2500 (Uniloy Milacron) whose platen area exceeds 10 square meters

Ай-Пласт ввел в строй уникальный ТПА Springfield 2500 (Uniloy) с поверхностью плит более 10 кв.м 13.11.2013
Striving to increase their production capacity IPLAST made investments into one more molding machine distinctive by its potential – «Springfield 2500» made by Uniloy Milacron (USA). There are no machines of the kind in any of the Eurasia countries. Springfield 2500 operates technology of low pressure molding. It has platens 3 by 5 meters each which effective surface exceeds 10 square meters. The injection unit is equipped with two material cylinders which enable the machine to mold items up to 100 kg! (To compare with: in order to mold an item of the same weight by standard high pressure technology you should use a molding machine with more than 6000 ton of clamping force). Commissioning of the new injection molder took place on the 27th of October, 2013. The machine is being run for production of pallets 1150 x 1450 mm. In a single cycle two pallets with the total weight of 50 kg are being produced. Putting into operation «Springfield 2500» iPlast reaches the amount of 25000 pcs. per month in mass production of pallets for rubber transportation with weight carrying capacity of 1000 kg. «Springfield 2500» produced by «Uniloy Milacron» (USA) came to be the 16th «combatant» in the iPlast equipment stock, which includes the injection molding machines with the clamping force ranges from 320 to 5500 tons.


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