Russian garbage containers are being exported to Europe

Российские мусорные контейнеры экспортируются в Европу 09.12.2013
A batch of own make plastic containers for solid waste collecting was exported by IPLAST to Poland. Over 4000 pieces of 1100 liter waste containers were delivered to Europe. Forty 53-foot trailers with the goods were shipped within relatively short period of two weeks. A large European customer was satisfied not only with the quality of Tatarstan product but also with the high level of service rendered by IPLAST specialists who organized this delivery. According to iPlast General Director Mr. Zinoviev’s opinion, the characteristics of Russian waste container «keep pace» with the European quality standards, and the production capacity enables the Company to entirely cover not only the requirements of Russia and the CIS countries but also to export the goods abroad. For IPLAST Ltd. it is the first experience of exporting a large consignment of goods and this experience proved to be very successful. Recently IPLAST expanded its range of plastic waste containers, and this fact considerably increases the Company’s potential on the garbage bin market.


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-Plast widens the product range of food crates.

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