IPLAST new developments were well received at RosUpack-2015

Новинки компании "Ай-Пласт" имели успех на выставке "РосУпак 2015" 30.06.2015
Summing up RosUpack-2015 exhibition last week, IPLAST specialists were pleased with its results. The company takes part at the exhibition annually in order to exploit an opportunity in new developments and achievements demonstration, new partners search and further development strategy formation. Not unexpectedly, the new developments, that evoked the most interest were eurocontainers EC, solid container iBox, SK store crates. Eurocontainers EC were presented for the first time to a large number of potential consumers. They were offered in 7 basic modifications at the stand. Size-conscious design and quality polymeric material (polypropylene) enable their usage in diverse areas. Particularly, the models with perforated walls were a subject of great interest of food processing industry and agribusiness representatives. Due to their design the contents of such containers are well ventilated, which enables storing of fruits, vegetables and many other products. Each model can be completed with a lid. The large-size solid container «iBox» 1200х800 became an undeniable hit of the exhibition at the stand of IPLAST. Solid, firm and hygienic container had been attracting the attention of a vast audience. The crane and plug turned out to be very useful and handy allowing drainage of the container if necessary. And of course, the new series of SK store crates, which consists of 16 models of crates and was launched in March of this year, was not left unnoticed. These crates are designed to organize working area rationally and intelligently in accordance with current tendencies of «lean manufacturing». These crates are equipped with transparent partitions and easily stacked on each other and on a rack storage, which can be bought with store crates. RosUpack 2015 exhibition reaffirmed the demand on the company’s production, enabled the search for new customers and markets, that would open up new opportunities for I-Plast development.


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