IPLAST offered modern plastic containers to Russian agrarians on the trade show “YUGAGRO 2015”

«Ай-Пласт» предложил современную полимерную тару российскому аграрию на выставке «ЮГАГРО 2015» 04.12.2015
The trade show «YUGAGRO 2015“ took place in the new exhibition center at the end of November 2015 and brought together wide audience of agribusiness leaders, exhibitors and visitors, whose activities are somehow related to the theme of agriculture. IPLAST officially participated in this trade show for the first time and offered to visitors the best samples of containers and pallets, manufactured by Company: large-sized iBox and CP container, the series of Eurocontainers and plastic pallets. Plastic containers usage is developing in the field of Russian vegetables farming and horticultural activities. Until quite recently Russian agrarians had been using only wooden and corrugated packing. But more modern technologies of dealing with agricultural products, which meet all the strict hygienic, esthetic and economic quality standards. are entering the field in a progressive way. In this respect plastic containers, offered by IPLAST, had great success on the trade show. The large-size iBox (1200х800х800) and the CP container (1200х1000х800) aroused outstanding interest. Their quality characteristics, such as big interior (up to 600l), design, ergonomics, durability, opportunity to be used over a wide temperature range meet the requirements of modern agricultural sector. It allows effective using of working space in a car or an enclosed area like vegetable store. In its turn, it reduces costs of shipping and storage of agricultural goods. One of the advantages of IPlast plastic containers is that they can be easily washed, which is very important when dealing with fruit and vegetables gathering and storage. On top of everything else, perspective clients are attracted by relatively low price of these containers. It is worth mentioning, that the iBox perforated container, which was featured in the exhibition, became the award winner of the“100 Best Russian Products 2015». Offering to visitors the best samples of its products, IPlast provides solutions for transportation and storage of different fruit and vegetables: apples, pears, watermelons, squashes, pumpkins, grapes, onions, carrots and potatoes. Besides that, version of iBox with solid walls is beloved by crop producers, because it serves as a reliable container for seeds storing, and by representatives of the fisheries sector, because it can be used as a tank for growing of juvenile fishes. And it is not a complete list of options for usage of the plastic containers of the Company. Modern agriculture is ready to develop new agricultural business areas and deal with the subject of agriproducts recycling at a higher level. And IPLAST plastic packaging provides this opportunity.


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