IPLAST polymeric waste container 660l for solid waste is certified against the requirements of DIN EN 840 European standard

Полимерный контейнер для ТБО объемом 660 л компании «Ай-Пласт» сертифицирован на соответствие европейскому стандарту DIN EN 840 02.02.2016
The certificate of conformity to DIN EN 840 European standard for the plastic waste container 660 liters was received in December 2015 after successful accomplishment of the tests against international standards, which were carried out by the international audit concern «TÜV Rheinland». It is the proof of the solid waste container high quality –the production of the container is located in Russia. DIN EN 840 certificate with GS marking (translated form German it means guaranteed security) for the waste container means product conformity to the high quality level and all safety standards. The solid 660l waste container is already the second DIN EN 840 certificated product of the Company. The same certificate was got for the 1100l container of IPLAST in 2014. The Company began mass production of the 660l container in the first half of 2014. At the moment this product, together with the 1100l container, became popular among Russian customers due to its excellent consumer performance, European quality, competitive price and the opportunity of being used under conditions of Russian climate. The product conformity to DIN EN 840 standars is a factor of reliability for a customer, which affects his purchasing decision. This certificate increases prestige of the product and its competitiveness. Production of the solid waste containers, which conform to high European quality standards, allows Russian market to adapt international best practices to the waste handling field and to act in accordance with the agreed norms and standards, which have proved to be effective.


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