IPLAST Ltd. gathered its distributors in Nizhnekamsk at the annual conference

Универсальный легкий пластиковый поддон 1200х1000 мм открывает дополнительные возможности в классе лёгких поддонов линейки «Ай-Пласт» 15.03.2017
IPLAST Ltd. held an annual conference for its distributors. It was held in Nizhnekamsk, within easy reach from the main production site of the Company. The conference brought together representatives of dealer companies from all regions of Russia from Kaliningrad to Novosibirsk as well as CIS countries. This year IPLAST aims at introducing the distributors to its new products (new types of polymeric pallets): 1) light polymeric pallet 1200х1000 mm 2) pallet for transportation of cargo in big-bags and bags 1050х1050 mm 3) reinforced pallet with metal inserts 1200х1000 mm, 4) hygienic pallet V1 5) range of meat crates E1, E2, E3. The guests visited IPLAST production site and had the opportunity to see the functioning of the company quality management system: they visited a laboratory of raw material studies and a laboratory of physical and mechanical tests of finished products, got to know a production capacity of recycling plastic, as well as potential of the Company’s new production site in four core technologies: — high-pressure molding; — low-pressure molding with structural foaming; — extrusion; — vacuum molding. IPLAST management and the staff of Marketing and Sales Department presented development program of the Company in the coming years, spoke about the starting up of new projects: the project of packaging for agro-industrial complex, development of the range of pallets for exporting, the project of plastic waste recycling using the resources of the manufacturer etc. IPLAST distribution chain includes more than 30 companies in more than 50 cities of Russia and CIS countries. The conference was traditionally held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. IPLAST positions itself as a reliable and long-term partner regularly organizing such conferences for its distributors and creating opportunities for growth and improvement of its customers.


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