IPLAST started the production of a new pallet 800х600 mm

«Ай-Пласт» начал производство нового поддона 800х600 мм 02.10.2018
In the end of September 2018, IPLAST has announced about the start of mass production of a new product 800x600 mm pallet, or a semi-pallet. The semi-pallet 800х600 mm is designed for storage and transportation of light loads, use in retail for exposition in salesroom, as well as for logistics inside workshop. The new pallet has a perforated surface. It’s very light. Its weight is less than 3kg. At the same time, it’s able to withstand a dynamic load of at least 500 kg! The design of this semi-pallet allows you to optimize the space effectively during empty transportation. Due to its ability to nest, the semi-pallet is efficient in terms of its logistic performance: it can be stacked in 65 layers, truckload capacity is 4290 pieces. The new pallet 800х600 mm updates the company’s wide range of polymeric pallets. IPLAST regularly offers the market new interesting packaging solutions that meet the needs of a modern customer. You can see this product and get more detailed advice at the stand of «I-Plast» Ltd. No. 1B10 at «Agroprodmash 2018» in exhibition hall 1 of the «ExpoСentre» Central Exhibition Complex on October 8 - 12, 2018.


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