A new nestable stackable crate from I-PLAST is an effective solution for farmers

Новый вкладываемый штабелируемый ящик от ООО «Ай-Пласт» - эффективное решение для аграриев 22.04.2019
There is a new product in a line of I-PLAST food crates. It is a nestable stackable crate. Unlike the other crates it has an important competitive advantage: a taper shape and a special skirting for stacking. So, when the empty crates are put in one another during storage and transportation, it saves up to 60% of space. When loaded the crates can be stacked if you make a turn through 180 degree between them. The main factor for any plant is saving space while using the packaging in the warehouse or during transportation. This container withstands 250 kg of static load. So when loaded it can be stacked in 10 layers. Perforated walls and bottom let aerate the content, keeping the products inside fresh. New I-PLAST crate is produced of high quality polyethylene on European mold. It is good for transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables as well as milk and meat products. The crate can be applied in a wide range of temperature: from -30 to +45C, in fridge and deep freeze. I-Plast Ltd. plans to present a new nestable stackable crate on RosUpack 2019 in Crocus Expo exhibition center in June 18-21, 2019. If you have already been interested in that crate please contact our company directly, calling 8-800-505-99-74, using follow-up form on our site or sending an e-mail to info@iplast.com.


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