I-Plast signed a contract for the delivery of IMM Engel 5500

I-Plast Ltd. signed a contract with Austrian company Engel GmbH for the delivery and installation of a new injection molding machine with clamping force of 5500 tons. A new machine will be installed in the southern production site of I-Plast in the town of Azov in Rostov region. The launch of IMM is planned to the first quarter of 2020. The production of 1100 ad 660 L containers for household wastes and large-size containers for fruits and vegetables is planned on this IMM. So, the leader of large-size containers market will be able to produce twice more polymer containers for household wastes strengthening I-Plast presence in the market of plastic packaging. It is going to be the second IMM with clamping force of 5500 tons in the company. The first Engel IMM has been in operation in I-Plast since 2012 in Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan. New IMM will let I-Plast broaden the geographical possibilities for supplement and reduce the shipment prices of its polymer products. Reference: IPLAST – is a leading Russian producer of large-size plastic industrial tare, packaging and waste containers. It supplies the market with a line of unique Russian plastic products in the sphere of transportation and industrial packaging, solutions for separate household wastes collection. The distribution chain of the Company in Russia and near abroad countries consists of more than 30 partners. The production center and managing office are situated in Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan. There are production sites in Stavrovo, Vladimir region and in Azov, Rostov region.


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-Plast widens the product range of food crates.

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