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«Ай-Пласт» начал производство нового усиленного поддона

"Iplast" began production of a new reinforced pallet

 «Ай-Пласт» начал производство нового усиленного поддона 17.07.2019
A reinforced pallet 1200x800mm is a new product in the product line of polymer pallets of “Iplast” company. The prime advantage of the new product is its increased load characteristics. The pallet is made of polyethylene using a special technology, which gives it high strength, wear resistance, long service life and provides high static loads (up to 6 tons), racking loads (up to 1.5 tons) and dynamic loads (up to 2 tons). The price of a new pallet is much lower than the price of its counterparts, despite the fact that it has the best load characteristics. Racking and dynamic loads of the pallet can be increased by installing one, two or three metal pipes, if it is necessary. Pipe installation gives the pallet additional rigidity, which allows it to withstand high loads and resist deformation. The pallet can be used at low temperatures: up to 30 degrees below zero, which allows it to be used to freeze the products stored on it. The version of the pallet with a solid smooth surface can be used in greenfield, because such a pallet is easy to clean and handle. The design of a new pallet makes it possible to use it in transport, storage and cargo handling operations, including storage and transportation of heavy loads, on automated warehouse complexes. The new reinforced pallet 1200x800 mm is an ideal solution for storing and transporting heavy loads, raw materials, materials and ingredients. If you are interested in a new product, we suggest contacting the purchasing issues with the managers of “IPlast” LLC by calling the toll-free direct line 8-8005059974. Reference: IPLAST is a leading Russian manufacturer of large plastic industrial packaging and SMW containers. It supplies to the market a number of products which are unique in the Russian market in the field of transport packaging, industrial packaging made of plastic materials, and solutions for collecting solid municipal waste. The distribution network of the Company in Russia and neighboring countries has more than 30 partners. The production base and head office are located in Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan. There are production sites in Stavrovo, Vladimir region and in Azov, Rostov region. For additional information Helen Zhukova, marketing manager “Iplast” LLC tel.: +7 8555 42 00 11(3206); +7 987 214 10 80,


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"Iplast" began production of a new reinforced pallet

A reinforced pallet 1200x800mm is a new product in the product line of polymer pallets of “Iplast” company.

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