Сonductive (antistatic) packaging

Электропроводящая тара производства ООО "Ай-Пласт" 17.07.2019
Dear partners, Protection issue of electronic components from static discharges during their production, storage and transportation is very relevant. Static electricity can easily damage or disable a microchip or any other semiconductor element, and this can happen at any stage of production and lead to failure of the expensive node. To reduce the effects of static electricity “I-Plast” Ltd. has developed specialized conductive packaging for storing, internal moving and transportation of static products sensitive to static electricity such as printed circuit board, electronic units, modules and individual semiconductor elements. Our range includes electroconductive (antistatic) polymer trays, crates and pallets. For the mechanical security enhancement the crate can be supplemented with a lid. The packaging is made of high-quality conductive polypropylene dissipating static charge over the entire surface. Polypropylene combines shape rigidity and plasticity so the conductive polypropylene crates and pallets in addition to the protective functions of static electricity have excellent impact resistance. The packaging is durable, long-lasting, easily cleanable and provides a constant or the same value of surface electrical resistance over the entire area of the product. Technical characteristics. • Surface electrical resistance, Оhm: ≤1·10Е6 • Color of conductive crates, trays and pallets: black • Operating temperature, °С: -10/+45 • Weight: increases by 15% from the current value of the standard production line • Crates and trays are stackable. • Dimensions and load characteristics of products from a conductive compound: remain unchanged. • Complete set: the logo is applied on each product ( the size and the place of drawing is discussed individually) The range of electrically conductive (antistatic) packaging Electrically conductive trays: • Dimensions from 165х100х75 to 600х234х140 • The open front provides visual recognition of the contents. • Surface electrical resistance, Ohm: ≤1·10Е6 Electrically conductive crates: • Dimensions from 297х198х147,5 to 800х600х320 • With open and closed handles • Are completed with lid • Surface electrical resistance, Ohm: ≤1·10Е6 Electrically conductive pallets: • Dimension 1200х800х150 • Options: perforated and solid • Surface electrical resistance, Ohm: ≤1·10Е6 “I-Plast” company’s electrically conductive packaging is irreplaceable at workplaces, testing and service centers, laboratories or warehouses when working with sensitive electronic components.


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