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I-Plast launched a new 360 L container for municipal solid wastes

 «Ай-Пласт» выпустил новый контейнер для ТКО объемом 360 литров 16.10.2019
A range of I-Plast waste containers is enriched with a new product: 360 L container for municipal solid wastes was brought into circulation in September. Therefore the product range of I-Plast now includes 120, 240, 360, 660,770 L waste containers. A new 360 L container for municipal solid wastes is meant to be used in narrow garbage shafts where it is impossible to use large containers. Moreover, it is a good solution for detached houses where each owner collects his own garbage. Also, due to its small size this product will awake interest of a wide range of HORECA market enterprises. A new 360 L container can be produced with two options of the wheels: 200 mm and 300 mm in diameter. It is made of virgin PE, which makes possible its usage in a wide range of temperature conditions from -40 up to +50 C, on the whole territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. High-quality raw materials used for the production of the container guarantee increased wear-resistance and longer operational life. The reinforced bottom guarantees the capacity up to 160 kg. The container is easy to use: it is light and washable from the inside. The container underwent all the tests and its quality is concluded to meet the requirements of the best world standards. Now I-Plast has all kinds of waste containers with necessary options such as logo application, lid opening pedal, cover for the container lid, rubber valve and lid hatch in the assortment range of the company. It is necessary to underline, that all the containers are successfully integrated into separate waste collection process. Using I-Plast containers Russian local operators can successfully accomplish state program on environmental protection.


I-Plast launched a new 360 L container for municipal solid wastes

A new 360 L waste container was successfully brought into circulation in I-Plast production site in Nizhnekamsk in September 2019.

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I-Plast officially launched the production site in Rostov region

The official opening ceremony of I-Plast large-size plastic packaging production site

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I-Plast launched the production of 770l waste containers

A new four-wheel 770l waste container appeared in the production range of I-Plast waste containers in August 2019.

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