IPLAST doubles the production of containers for household wastes

«Ай-Пласт» вдвое увеличивает производство контейнеров ТКО 1100 литров 28.05.2020
IPLAST Ltd. puts the machine into operation without any promotion of public investments. The company plans to produce the containers 1100 l with the renewed design for household wastes and large-size IBOX containers for fruits and vegetables.

The introduction of the new IMM will enable to increase the amount of polymers processing in Azov production site up to 1000 tons per month. Today the IMM Engel 4000 is engaged in the production of IBOXES in Azov workshop for the needs of the Russian farmers.

The new Engel 5500 is the second IMM of IPLAST with such clamping force. The first such machine operates in Nizhnekamsk since 2012, and in 2014 the container for household wastes 1100L, produced on that machine, became the winner of the contest “100 best products” of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The introduction of the new IMM will enable IPLAST to cover all the needs of 1100, 770 and 660 L containers of all the enterprises in the sphere of waste management of Russia.

The design of a new container 1100L is meant to be more convenient in application as well as 25% more effective to be delivered to the client. The container is made of virgin polyethylene and fully complies with the Russian weather conditions: the temperature of application is -40 - +50C. The implemented in the company quality system enables to manufacture the product that meets the demands of the European standards, which is proved by DIN EN 840 certificate.

IPLAST is the only company in Russia that produces the containers for solid household wastes with a volume of 1100, 770 and 660 liters. Moreover the manufacturing of waste containers of 360, 240 and 120 is launched in the company.

The increase of 1100L containers output is of high priority in the period of a complicated epidemiological situation, when the requirements for hygiene and cleanliness are maximally increased. Moreover, Russia implements actively the projects of separate waste collection, which are aimed to make the ecological situation in the world better as well as to develop the culture of separate waste collection of the society. Creation of a sufficient number of modern waste bins in the market will help to solve all that problems.


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