IPLAST Company has launched into operation two new injection molding machines

Компания «Ай-Пласт» ввела в эксплуатацию два новых термопластавтомата 24.08.2020

IPLAST Company has launched into operation two new injection molding machines of the largest world manufacturer - Haitian International Company. The first machine – with a clamping force of 750 tons – was installed at the production facilities in the city of Azov, the second one – with a clamping force 1080 tons – in the city of Nizhnekamsk.

Haitian International is a world famous company, the largest manufacturer of injection molding machines. Thus, six injection molding machines are already operating at the IPLAST production facilities.

IPLAST is increasing its production capacity and the output of polymer product: pivot for garbage containers, legs for large-size IBOX containers and medium-size plastic crates.   

With the commissioning of the new equipment IPLAST will be able to provide the maximum number of customers with its plastic boxes and launch effective leasing and pooling projects with large Russian companies.

Currently, the market is experiencing a steadily growing demand for modern, technologically advanced and easy-to-use containers. Consumers are specifically interested in two kinds of containers:  INSTORE nestable crates and foldable crates.

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A wide range of IPLAST INSTORE nestable crates has received well-deserved recognition among the largest players in the market of online stores, pharmaceuticals, automated warehouses and large distribution centers. The primary raw material provides high strength characteristics and effective design allows ideal operation on automated lines and conveyors. A durable and reliable container is an excellent solution for packaging goods and the subsequent delivery of the orders to the final consumer. They are convenient at all stages: at the time of sorting and picking the goods at the warehouse, during the delivery to a retail outlet or to a client in a loaded state as well as during their empty transportation back. When empty, nestable crates are nested into each other this significantly saves, up to 70%, space on the truck or warehouse, and if necessary they are stably stacked on the top of each other. These containers are widely used in all industries, including food industry as they are certified to meet strict hygienic standards for food containers.

IPLAST foldable containers were highly appreciated by large Russian retail chains. These containers were chosen as a multi-turn packaging for pooling projects. Foldable containers are manufactured of high-quality plastic and have perforated sides and bottom which makes it ideal for storing and transporting goods from the manufacturer to a retail outlet. They are easy to clean, withstanding the high temperatures of water and steam in the wash lines. This foldable container is the best option for high-quality packaging for Russian retail.

It should be noted that at the moment a special price with a 20% discount applies to foldable, as well as nestable containers.   сет


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