IPLAST opens a branch in Saint Petersburg!

«Ай-Пласт» открывает филиал в Санкт-Петербурге! 30.10.2020
In October, 2020, IPLAST, the largest Russian manufacturing enterprise for the production of large industrial plastic packaging and tare, the leader of the Russian market for the processing of polymer materials, with the purpose of developing its business, increasing sales, expanding its geographical presence and strengthening the product competitiveness, opens a branch in Saint Petersburg located at the address: 67 Kommuny street, Saint Petersburg. IPLAST offers its customers a wide range of large-sized and medium-sized containers, crates, pallets, waste bins of its own production. Above all, these are such the unique products for the Russian market as a large-sized IBOX container of several modifications, all types of plastic pallets, waste containers with a volume of 120, 240, 360, 660, 770 and 1100 liters as well as a wide model range of polymer crates for various sectors of national economy. IPLAST also offers to its customers the products of other Russian and foreign companies: bulk containers, various crates, litter bins, barrels. And the range of these products is planned to be increased. All the products are available in the warehouse of the branch and can be delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time. Until now IPLAST products could be purchased in this region exclusively through the Company dealer network. Opening the branch, IPLAST has the opportunity to sell its plastic products directly to enterprises, institutes and individuals in the Northwestern Federal district at very attractive prices. The office and the warehouse with the area of 1000 square meters of the branch begin operations at the address: 67 Kommuny street, Saint Petersburg. For all questions related to cooperation and consultation please contact our managers in Saint Petersburg


“I-Plast” has launched the production of new bread box

In 2021 I-Plast has launched the production of several new crates for the food and processing industries at once.

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I-Plast widens the product range of food crates.

-Plast widens the product range of food crates.

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IPLAST Ltd. gave a start to the production of pallets for SIBUR

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