I-Plast has created a new returnable nestable container

«Ай-Пласт» создал новый многооборотный вкладываемый контейнер 24.03.2021

New products of I-Plast - returnable nestable containers in two sizes (600x400x325 and 600x400x165 mm) and isothermal containers in two sizes (530x355х300 and 530х355х140 mm) - are already waiting for their customers from logistics and postal companies, automated warehouse systems, online stores and FMCG market. The company has developed and started production of new crates due to the increased demand for these products. For example, the online sales and FMCG market has tripled over the past year.

 The company has developed the best option of the nestable container, which is convenient and universal in the selection and delivery of products.

 The new containers have lots of advantages:

- containers are made of primary material which guarantees its high durability and long service life;

- the close fitting lid, that does not protrude outside the perimeter of the container, is reinforced with stiffeners and can withstand a static load of 120 kg;

- the presence of safety elements on two short sides for coupling containers on an automated line;

- ergonomic comfortable handles;

- the presence of slots for labels and bar codes;

- two sealing holes on the short side;

- place for RFID tag;

- the internal height of 320 mm is specially designed for a PET bottle of 1.5 liters.

The container holds 18 standard bottles of 1.5 liters, 319 mm high.

 Both containers can be completed with isothermal inserts (thermal inserts). These thermal inserts are made of foamed polypropylene. They perfectly keep the temperature of the product placed inside. Containers are designed for transportation and storage of chilled or heated products (beverages, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, pastries) that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Dry ice and cold storage accumulators are often used as a cooling element during transportation and storage.

    This isothermal container can be used as a thermos for storage and transportation of frozen and chilled products, which is very important in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


By means of rounded corners of the upper part of the isothermal container, its lid can be easily removed providing access to the contents, while there is no need to remove thermal insert from the casted nestable container.

 Thus, the customer has the opportunity to buy modern nestable containers and isothermal inserts for them of the Russian production and in a short time.

 New products are available in the warehouse and will be delivered to all customers as soon as possible.

 If you have any questions regarding the purchase, please contact the company's managers by phones:

+78555 32- 04- 06 and 8-800-201-00-16.


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