“I-Plast” has launched the production of new bread box

 «Ай-Пласт» запустил производство хлебного ящика 23.04.2021

In 2021 I-Plast has launched the production of several new crates for the food and processing industries at once. One of these products- a new bread box in different sizes, colors and modifications – is a great of intererest for baking and confectionary industries. It is perfect for storing and transporting baking products to factories and retail outlets. Crates are well ventilated, do not deform from contact with warm bread. Thanks to the special ledge at the bottom, the box stacks perfectly with similar boxes.

I-Plast offers its customers the bread box in three main colors: 740х440х65, 740х465х145 and 600х400х150.

 In addition to the size, the bread boxes are differ in their versions of the bottom and walls: they can be either solid or perforated. There is also a version of the three-sided bread box: it misses long sideboard for the convenience for easier handling baking products. Moreover, to maintain the strength of the construction the container is reinforced with metallic insert.

 The bread box, or bread tray is made of high-quality food grade polyethylene, which has a positive effect on its useful life, also it allows to be placed it in the refrigerator if necessary.

 The bread box with the wall height of 65mm is ideal for transporting and storing of cakes, bread rolls, fine pastry, dumplings or dough.

 Our plastic container with 740х465х145successfully can be used for long loaves, baguettes, big cakes, open pies and for other bakery. 

 Eurotray 600х400х150mm ideally stacks on europallet 1200х800mm and 1200х1000mm. It is used as returnable packaging by many bread factories. It is the best possible option for transporting and storing baking products. With products on them, eurotrays are stacked on top of each other, empty they are put one into another to save space.

 The plastic bread box compares favorably with its wooden counterpart:

-          It is lighter. It weights from 1.35 to 1.8 kg. Loading and unloading operations become much easier.

-          The plastic crate is easier to wash and drain. It eliminates the possibility of replication of fungus and germs on its surface. It meets all health standards necessary for handling with food products.

-          The plastic bread box can be made in different colors. The company logo can be applied on the container if necessary.

-          The service life of the container is practically unlimited: it does not rot, does not deteriorate from dampness or time.

-          The broken plastic bread box can always be recycled.

 New products are represented on the company website. They can be purchased in the head office of I-Plast or branch offices and distributors.

 I-Plast will demonstrate its new bread boxes at its stand on the exposition “RosUpack 2021”, that will take place from June 15-18, 2021 at International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo, Pavillion 1 in Moscow.



“I-Plast” has launched the production of new bread box

In 2021 I-Plast has launched the production of several new crates for the food and processing industries at once.

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