Euro size containers ЕС

Sizes (LхW), mm:

Frost resistance

Maximum load:

from before

Volume liter:

from before



With lid



Reinforced bottom

Perforated bottom

Roll up
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Art.: 12.314.92 Plastic crate 800х600х320 (ЕС-8632) with reinforced bottom: 800x600x320: 131: Серый
Art.: 12.310F.92 Plastic crate 400х300х220 (ЕС-4322) with smooth solid bottom: 400x300x220: 21: Серый
Art.: 12.310.92 Plastic crate 400х300х220 (ЕС-4322) with reinforced bottom: 400x300x220: 20: Серый
Art.: 12.311F.92 Plastic crate 600х400х220 (ЕС-6422) with smooth solid bottom: 600x400x220: 44: Серый
Art.: 12.311.92 Plastic crate 600х400х220 (ЕС-6422) with reinforced bottom: 600x400x220: 42: Серый
Art.: 12.315.92.W Plastic crate 600х400х220 perforated (ЕСР-6422): 600x400x220: 44: Серый
Art.: 12.315.99.W.R Plastic crate 600х400х220 perforated black in colour: 600x400x220: 44: Черный
Art.: 12.312.F.92 Plastic crate 600х400х320 (ЕС-6432) with smooth solid bottom: 600x400x320: 66: Серый
Art.: 12.312.92 Plastic crate 600х400х320 (ЕС-6432) with reinforced bottom: 600x400x320: 63: Серый
Art.: 12.316.92.W Plastic crate 600х400х320 perforated (ЕСР-6432): 600x400x320: 65: Серый
Art.: 12.316.99.W.R Plastic crate 600х400х320 perforated black in colour: 600x400x320: 65: Черный
Art.: 12.313F.92 Plastic crate 600х400х420 (ЕС-6442) with smooth solid bottom: 600x400x420: 85: Серый
Art.: 12.313.92 Plastic crate 600х400х420 (ЕС-6442) with reinforced bottom: 600x400x420: 83: Серый
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