INSTORE nestable crates

Sizes (LхW), mm:

Frost resistance

Maximum load:

from before

Volume liter:

from before



With lid



Reinforced bottom

Perforated bottom

Roll up

Art.: 12.359F.65 : 600x400x325: 58: Голубой
Art.: 12.358F.65 : 600x400x165: 30: Голубой
Art.: 12.360F.1.61 Nestable crate 490х330х140 (KV 5314): 604x400x372: 58,5: Синий
Art.: 12.356F.60 Nestable crate 490х330х140 (KV 5314): 490x330x140: 16: Синий
Art.: 12.357.60 Nestable crates 490х300х210 (KV 5321): 490x300x210: 23: Синий
Art.: 12.355F.60 Nestable crate 490х330х280 (KV 5328): 490x330x280: 32: Синий
Art.: 12.351F.60 Nestable crate 600х400х170 (KV 6417): 600x400x170: 30: Синий
Art.: 12.353F.60 Nestable crate 600х400х220 (KV 6422): 600x400x220: 40: Синий
Art.: 12.353.60 Nestable crate 600х400х235 with reinforced bottom (KVR 6422): 600x400x235: 40: Синий
Art.: 12.352F.60 Nestable crate 600х400х270 (KV 6427): 600x400x270: 49: Синий
Art.: 12.354F.60 Nestable crate 600х400х420 (KV 6442): 600x400x420: 76: Синий
Art.: 12.354.60 Nestable container 600х400х435 with reinforced bottom (KVR 6442): 600x400x435: 76: Синий