Plastic molding to order

IPLAST Ltd. suggests the clients serial production of plastic goods made of PE and PP using the technologies of injection molding, extrusion or vacuum/ pressure forming to order.
Контрактное производство
The Company has a wide stock of unique equipment of the world leading equipment manufacturers, which lets produce the goods from 100 g to 50 kg.
Technical and technological possibilities of the Company:
Injection molding
      Injection molding  is a method of polymer materials processing for pressure moulding, mostly used for manufacturing of goods of thermosetting materials.
Injection molding is performed under the pressure of 80-140 MPa on piston-type or screw-type injection molding machines of high degree of mechanization and automatization.
Advantages of the technology:      
— low rate of energy consumption while forming due to lower-pressure of processing; 
— a direct way from raw material to ready good 
The technology of injection molding makes the production of goods from several grams to several dozens of kilograms possible
There are 21 IMM, working in high-pressure injection molding in the Company.
Low-pressure molding with structural foaming with gas
It is different from high-pressure injection molding technology with the lack of hold pressure phase. Polymer shrinkage is compensated with compressed nitrogen injection into melted material. The gas coming into the mold cavity expands making the texture of the product porous and pressing the material in the mold. The foamed material structure lets the goods reach high physical and mechanical performance with lower weight!
Two machines work on that technology.
The unique advantage of those IMMs is the possibility of setting several molds in the area between plates and the production of several goods different in design and volume. The assemblable hott-runner manifold lets assemble the running system.
Extrusion is a process of continuous pressing of the polymer hot melt through a molding tool for producing infinitely long sheet.
Cast and profile extrusion renders producing polymeric sheets from 2 - 2.5 to 12 mm thick and 2000 mm wide possible.
Working on BubbleGuard® and Diamond® technologies the extrusion lines are equipped with additional vacuum forming shafts. Extrusion is performed through three/four T-dies, afterwards the central layers are vacuum-formed. As a result there is a the middle profile layer which is welded to the outer layers. The finished polymer sheet has a honeycomb structure that greatly enhances the physical and mechanical properties of the sheet and provides greater stiffness and strength, though having a less density than of the honeycomb sheet.
The Company has the extrusion lines, leting produce polymer sheets of 400 - 2000 mm wide, 2 - 12 mm deep, with density 350 - 3600 g/ sq.m 
 Pressure-vacuum forming     
In comparison with other technologies vacuum forming allows producing small and medium series of new products using relatively inexpensive equipment and tooling.
While choosing the processing method it is necessary to take into consideration the fact  that sheets and film is always more expensive than pelletized raw-material. Moreover, high pressure injection molding in comparison with pressure-vacuum forming lets the production of more complicated odd-shaped goods possible.
The Company has the equipment producing the largest possible sizes of polymer sheet for forming:— 1750х1350 mm;
— 1450х1150 mm.
More abilities of the Company:
— Molding machine for polymer sheets dinking 
— Hot stamping press for logo application on flat areas of 450х270 mm using the method of hot stamping
— Sheets folding line  (1200х1000 mm, 1200х800 mm sheets)
— Crushing and pelletizing of polymer industrial wastes .
 — Incoming raw materials quality control
— Maintenance of molds
— Organization of preparation of Customer's compounds.
— Development of standards of packaging for safe transportation  
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