Storage and shelf crates

Sizes (LхW), mm:

Frost resistance

Maximum load:

from before

Volume liter:

from before



With lid



Reinforced bottom

Perforated bottom

Roll up
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Art.: КП2/16 : 1000x400x40: Серый
Art.: СП4/16 : 1000x400x2000: Серый
Art.: СМ14.00 : 1310x400x2000: Серый
Art.: СМ11.00 : 1310x400x2000: Серый
Art.: 12.401.61 Storage Crate 165х100х75: 165x100x75: 1
Art.: 12.401.99A.S45 Storage Crate 165х100х75 ESD: 165x100x75: 1: Черный
Art.: 12.401.99.R Storage Crate 165х100х75 in a black colour: 165x100x75: 1: Черный
Art.: 12.402.61 Storage Crate 250x150x130: 250x150x130: 4
Art.: 12.402.99A.S45 Storage Crate 300х225х150 ESD: 250x150x130: 4: Черный
Art.: 12.402.99.R Storage Crate 300х225х150 black: 250x150x130: 4: Черный
Art.: 12.412.61 Storage Crate 300х225х150: 300x225x150: 7,5
Art.: 12.412.99.R Storage Crate 300х225х150 black: 300x225x150: 7,5: Черный
Art.: 12.403.1.61 Storage Crate 350х225х150 : 350x225x150: 8
Art.: 12.403.1.99A.S45 Storage Crate 350х225х150 ESD: 350x225x150: 8: Черный
Art.: 12.403.1.99.R Storage Crate 350х225х150 black: 350x225x150: 8: Черный
Art.: 12.404.1.61 Storage Crate 350х225х200: 350x225x200: 12
Art.: 12.404.1.99A.S45 Storage Crate 350х225х200 ESD: 350x225x200: 12: Черный
Art.: 12.404.1.99.R Storage Crate 350х225х200: 350x225x200: 12: Черный
Art.: 12.414.61 Storage Crate 400х225х150 : 400x225x150: 10,5
Art.: 12.414.99A.S45 Storage Crate 400х225х150 ESD: 400x225x150: 10,5: Черный
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