Staking frame

Складной паллетный борт 1200х800х200
Staking frame - фото 1 предпросмотра Staking frame - фото 2 предпросмотра Staking frame - фото 3 предпросмотра Staking frame - фото 4 предпросмотра Staking frame - фото 5 предпросмотра Staking frame - фото 6 предпросмотра Staking frame - фото 7 предпросмотра
Art.: 31.821.91
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Size 1200 x800 x200
t°: от -20 до +45°С Raw material PP

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Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Static load, kg
Rack load, kg
не нормируется
Raw material
от -20 до +45°С
Temperature cleaning (washing)
до +90°С
Color (standard)


  • Scope of application:
  • Product information:
  • Provide reliable protection of the load during storage and multiple transfers Design features: Brackets for stable and safe positioning of collars on pallets and stacking M-shaped side walls for convenient and fast deployment, compact storage and reverse logistics Integratability In combination with the pallet and the collar lid, they form a complete, secure container for transporting and storing produce Scalable the collars can be converted to any desired height for large containers Integrated with Lid BL (Art. no. 05.016.99) Pallets 02.105, 02.117, 02.114 and other standard plastic and wooden pallets The folding pallet collars, combined with the pallet, are transformed into a large-sized container of the required height. When loading and unloading, the collars are retracted or set up. Up to 35% space saving in storage and reverse logistics. The pallet collar, as a rigid package, ensures safe transport and storage of goods, whether on plastic pallets or wooden pallets.


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